From the hallowed shrine of the Forge In The North comes...

These mindless ramblings were written with the blood of timberwolves beside an open flame. By studying these markings carefully, you might impart new knowledge onto your fellow human beings. The scrawling on these sheets was imparted to humans by Oden on top of the always-snow-covered ProtoMountains in the far North. Do not stare directly at the words or you shall experience lucid nightmares for a fortnight.

book_of_kane_1.jpg book_of_kane_2.jpg book_of_kane_3.jpg book_of_kane_4.jpg book_of_kane_5.jpg book_of_kane_6.jpg book_of_kane_7.jpg book_of_kane_8.jpg book_of_kane_9.jpg book_of_kane_10.jpg book_of_kane_11.jpg book_of_kane_12.jpg book_of_kane_13.jpg book_of_kane_14.jpg

(These notes are actually from a visit from an LPKF rep. to the North Forge Fabrication Lab, who apparently ran a training session in May of 2013. YMMV. The wiki they had seems to no longer be available online? The photo below was the page I got it from, with the URL too. The above intro text is adapted from North Forge's fun description.)

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