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It's one of the most waited program held in the work year. Today, these kinds of programs have become a social norm. And with the increase in number of start up companies, the work culture has undergone a paradigm shift. Not even the start up companies even the big brands are striving for employee benefits programs thus making the workplace happiest and comfortable place to work in. But going on these programs can be bit tricky- because one needs to draw a boundary between having fun and being formal. In this article, We offers you tips on what to wear and not to wear on such events.

But before diving into deep details, think whether it is an offsite program or a regular top brass affair. The event can be held in a hotel or on a beach. Any which ways, it doesn't give you the license to dress free as if you are on a holiday in Goa. If you are clueless about what to wear on such occasions, here's a jumpstart:

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Iron the clothes-whether you are at Bahamas or in a majestic hotel, we recommend you to wear ironed clothes because faded, grunge clothing are not in. avoid logo and hipster t-shirts or simply reserve them for a college reunion. Most of time the hotels provide you with ironing board and an iron in your hotel room! We are not saying it to get it steam ironed from the laundry room. If that's not available in your room, just hang the clothes in the washroom when you are taking hot shower-the wrinkles will automatically get straight.

Sweatshirts-another most asked question is can a man wear sweatshirt in the office? Before you buy men sweatshirts online, remember it is a casual wear and there are only 4 accepted ways to wear them: As a sportswear As a street style wear As a casual wear As a smart style wear Men jackets-if you are planning to buy men jackets online remember it is a versatile wear and can be worn in several ways.

As a formal wear- with bow tie and fitted trousers

As a casual wear- the mens sleeveless jacket is widely accepted as a casual wear. It gives a whole new look to men's look. You can buy Nehru men jacket online because it is in fashion.

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Don't drink too much alcohol- everyone likes to booze, but you should keep within a limit. Binge drinking always lead to tussle and the ramifications are adverse.

Final words

Remember whatever you planning to wear starting from men jacket online to dress shirt, follow certain etiquettes.

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