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 Our DRC file: [[https://​​open?​id=1YITdTXkcW3ROWZprw-xxPsB8okc73yqF|DRC]]\\ Our DRC file: [[https://​​open?​id=1YITdTXkcW3ROWZprw-xxPsB8okc73yqF|DRC]]\\
 Out CAM file: [[https://​​open?​id=1WzzpPwXMDUg5DD4iUzenZINrzRG0kSn4|CAM]]\\ Out CAM file: [[https://​​open?​id=1WzzpPwXMDUg5DD4iUzenZINrzRG0kSn4|CAM]]\\
-=== Useful Links === 
   * No idea what a trace is? --> [[pcb-basics|What is a PCB?]]   * No idea what a trace is? --> [[pcb-basics|What is a PCB?]]
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