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 ==== 2022 FALL UPDATES ==== ==== 2022 FALL UPDATES ====
 +  * The electroplater is back! See "​[[pcb-training|Training]]"​ for details on how to get trained (hint: it's the same as the other ones, but a single 30 minute video).
 +  * The reflow oven is better! See "​[[process_reflowoven|How to use to reflow oven]]"​ for details. No training required. ​
 +  * The laser has updated materials:
 +    * "_THE HIVE_FR4-1.55mm_Cu-0.5oz_standard"​ - standard 0.5-oz copper on FR4, traces and pitches of a “reasonable” size. 
 +    * "_THE HIVE_FR4-1.55mm_Cu-0.5oz_finePitch"​ - 0.5-oz copper on FR4 with traces or pitches smaller than 5 mil. Seems to go down to 1 mil traces and 1 mil pitches reasonably reliably, though definitely YMMV.
 +    * "_THE HIVE_FR4-1.55mm_Cu-0.5oz_plated"​ - if you started with 0.5-oz FR4 substrate and then plated it.  ​
 +    * "_THE HIVE_FR4-1.55mm_Cu-1oz"​ - standard 1-oz copper on FR4  ​
 +    * "_THE HIVE_FR4-1.55mm_Cu-1oz_plated"​ - if you started with 1-oz   
 +  * We have a stencil process - see "​[[process_stencils|Processing stencils]]"​ for how. We also provide standard polyamide, free of charge.
 +  * We've got a process for making a pseudo-soldermask with Kapton tape. It's not perfect, but it seems to do okay. See "​[[process_kaptonmask|Kapton masking]]"​.
 +  * We've learned that [[pcb-help_pm_0.15mm-drills|there'​s a trick to working with super tiny (i.e. 0.15mm) drills in the ProtoMat]]. The ProtoMat also works most reliably with drills down to 0.4mm; if you want to use smaller, see [[pcb-help_pm#​q_a|the plotter'​s Q&A]].
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