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  • Sometimes, when placing the board, the fiducials move in the opposite direction as the board. This is a known bug! You can either: try estimating the location of the fiducials and starting the process; start a new document; restart the software; or restart the hardware. (The latter two require a fresh 20 minute warmup for optimal performance.)

My gerber/drill file didn’t show up on the CAM view. You probably forgot to assign it a layer. Try re-importing the files, and make sure you’ve assigned each file a Layer/Template (see figure 11).

The bottom/top didn’t etch completely. You can either restart the process entirely (hit the Play button, see figure 32) or right click on “Top Side” (or “Bottom side”) under “Processing” on the left, and click “Process from here” to restart the top (or bottom) side processing with top (or bottom) side alignment.

The pre-toolpath file did not import correctly into the ProtoLaser. It’s likely that you either did not save at the correct point in the process, you saved over the pre-toolpath file, or you are trying to import the wrong file. Double check all of this. If you’re certain you did it correctly, get a PI.

The board is/is not flipped in the Processing tab. On the left of the screen, make sure nothing is selected under “Processing”. If there is, hold down either CTRL (on Windows) or the command key (on Mac) and then left click to de-select it. If that doesn’t fix it, you can select either “Bottom Side” or “Top Side” to force the correct orientation. You can try starting the project over again if this doesn’t solve it as well. Sometimes, the software has bugs.

ProtoLaser - Insufficient pressure Potential issue: The vacuum hose may be disconnected from the extraction hood. Lift the door. The extraction hood is the plastic bit that the laser comes out of. There is a hose that should run from that to the back of the machine (still all inside the main bay). Make sure that its snugly inserted on both ends. Potential issue: The vacuum system may not be on or working strongly enough. Confirm that the vacuum system is on.The vacuum system is the tall white box to the tool’s right. On the front panel, at the bottom, there should be some buttons. Try increasing the suction pressure. Potential issue: The vacuum hose(s) may be clogged. There are two vacuum hoses. One runs from the extraction hood (the round plastic bit inside the main bay) to the rear interior wall of the tool, and the second runs from the outside backside of the tool to the vacuum system (the tall white box to the tool’s right). You should be able to remove both of these and check for clogs.

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