Function Generator

Each benchtop station has a function generator capable of creating a variety of waveforms. These waveform generators have two channels, yellow and green. Each channel can output a waveform with custom parameters.

Basic Operation

These waveform generators are not touch screens, so you will need to use the buttons to select options. If the waveform generator gives you a warning about being in remote mode, then select the System/Local button at the bottom of the column to the right of the screen. To select the type of waveform, use the “waveform” button on the right. Then use the buttons below the screen to select the type of waveform you want to use. After selecting the waveform, you can select a given parameter to customize. To change the value, use either the number pad and select the units at the bottom of the screen, or rotate the nob to the number you want.

To make sure the signal is actually output, select the button with the channel number on it (directly above the output port), then select output “on” using the lower buttons. You can also use these buttons to switch between which channel's waveform you are changing.

Use cables with BNC connections to connect to the output port on the waveform generator.

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