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The full list of benchtop equipment

The following is provided in no particular order.

  1. Keithley source meter 2450
  2. Keithley digital multimeter DMM6500
  3. Tektronix oscilloscope MSO58
  4. Tektronix function generator AFG31152
  5. Keithley precision supply and battery simulator 2281S-20-6
  6. Keithley triple output power supply 2230-30-1
  7. Keysight LCR meter E4980-AL
  8. Keysight power meter N1913A
  9. Keysight triple power supply U8031A (2x 0-30V, 6A; 1x 5V, 3A)
  10. Keysight digital multimeter 34460A
  11. Keysight waveform generator 33500B
  12. Keysight oscilloscope DSOX6002A
  13. Keysight oscilloscope
  14. Keysight oscilloscope
  15. Keysight network analyzer E5063A
  16. Keysight signal analyzer N9000B
  17. Keysight vector signal generator
  18. Keysight triple power supply, low power E3630A (0-6V, 2.5A; 0-20V, 0.5V; 0-(-20)V, 0.5A)
  19. Aoyue vacuum pick-up hand tool 932
  20. Weller soldering iron and solder sucker WXR3
  21. Quick hot-air rework station 957DW+
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