The full list of benchtop equipment

The following is provided in no particular order.

  • Keithley source meter 2450
  • Keithley digital multimeter DMM6500
  • Tektronix oscilloscope MSO58
  • Tektronix function generator AFG31152
  • Keithley precision supply and battery simulator 2281S-20-6
  • Keithley triple output power supply 2230-30-1
  • Keysight LCR meter E4980-AL
  • Keysight power meter N1913A
  • Keysight triple power supply U8031A (2x 0-30V, 6A; 1x 5V, 3A)
  • Keysight digital multimeter 34460A
  • Keysight waveform generator 33500B
  • Keysight oscilloscope DSOX3014A
  • Keysight oscilloscope DSOX4024A
  • Keysight oscilloscope DSOX6002A
  • Keysight network analyzer E5063A
  • Keysight signal analyzer N9000B
  • Keysight vector signal generator
  • Keysight triple power supply, low power E3630A (0-6V, 2.5A; 0-20V, 0.5V; 0-(-20)V, 0.5A)
  • Aoyue vacuum pick-up hand tool 932
  • Weller soldering iron and solder sucker WXR3
  • Quick hot-air rework station 957DW+
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